Ann Williams and Dione Hall connected through a simple conversation about their shared love of food and cooking. The initial conversation create a spark and shortly after meeting RockNRed Inc. was born, Ann and Dione hosted several events and gatherings which were all a success, guests always had the same question to ask; “When is the next event?!” By putting their love and passion into RockNRed, a brand was created.

What RocknRedInc. Provides:
The food provided by RockNRed Inc. is always fresh, vibrant and flavourful; RockNRed provides great tasting food that will bring your taste buds to life. The secret to amazing food is to use high quality in season ingredients. Great catering is having your food prepared as close to serving time as possible so that all flavours and aromas linger until it’s time to dine. Of course, the two most important ingredients cannot be purchased or and passion! The ladies of RockNRed loves great food and are passionate about making your event not only the best but the most successful. After all, you deserve it! 

Catering and decor pricing is composed of three parts: food costs, server costs and rental costs (plus taxes and service fees). Regardless of your caterer, these three parts are always built into the price — sometimes it just looks different. But remember; you really do get what you pay for! 

RockNRed Inc. offers all of the following, but is not limited to:

  • Formal plated dinners
  • Modern buffet style dinners
  • Family Style Dinners
  • Tray passed Hor d'oeuvre
  • Lunches
  • Drop-off catering

Catering to your lifestyle…

RockNRed Inc. was created by two dynamic women devoted to bringing fresh, well prepared flavourful cuisine to any occasion. Offering full-service tapas style catering throughout the GTA and Durham Region, the ladies of RockNRed will help you create a savouring menu that will leave your guests delighted. From casual gatherings at home to dazzling your clients at your corporate event, RockNRed will assist in helping you make an unforgettable impression for your guests. Whether it’s celebrating at a wedding reception, toasting at an upscale business event, or indulging at a holiday party, RockNRed will help you bring your vision to life with a touch of elegance. ​